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Wiki hCards


hCard is a simple way to express a vCard in HTML (hence the "h" in hCard), and the most popular user profile format on the Web.


PBWiki is particularly supportive of mixing wiki markup and HTML markup, which makes it much easier to embed hCards into PBWiki pages than other wikis.


NOTE: The PBWiki WYSIWYG editor (AKA "Point-and-Click Mode") loses some HTML markup, such as that for links, so it is best avoided.


Here is an example of a wiki hCard (taken from the home page)


  1. Add to address book Tantek Çelik - microformats, , , , , recent SNP preso, WikihCards (San Francisco, CA) 


For authoring hCards in general, see hCard authoring.


The above hCard marks up all the information shown in a manner that is easily imported (or subscribed) into an address book or other application that keeps contact info.


To see the source, click Edit page.


Backup: http://tantek.pbwiki.com/WikihCards

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