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Social Network Links and Resources

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A central source of all things social networks: http://insna.org the home of the International Network for Social Network Analysis.


Wikipedia page on Social Networking: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_network 


The SOCNET-L List is a great resource: http://www.insna.org/INSNA/socnet.html - the email list for all things social networks.



Microsoft Research has a project to build a social network toolkit for Excel called C#UNG (C# Universal Network Graph) which generated the following from our Newsgroup data:




The application is available from



Books on Network Theory:





Wasserman and Faust: the “bible” of Network theory





Workshop presentations on limits of network visualizations and some innovations:





Perer and Shneiderman: Network Visualization via Semantic Substrates





Visualizations of Science - Katy Borner







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