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Social Graph Foo Camp (wiki password is c4mp)

(wiki password is c4mp)

February 1-3, 2008

O'Reilly's Campus in Sebastopol, CA (driving directions)


We've invited about 70 Friends Of O'Reilly (aka Foo), people who're doing interesting works around social networking, the social graph, and technologies for data portability. We'll have some planned activities, but much of the agenda will be determined by you. We'll provide space, electricity, a wireless network, and a wiki. You bring your ideas, enthusiasms, and projects. We all get to know each other better, and hopefully come up with some cool ideas about how to change the world.


Like past FooCamps which O'Reilly organized, a Foo Camp is as good as participants make it. Be prepared to lead or participate in a session, ask interesting questions, show off what you're working on, and generally leave your mark on the weekend. It's a little like Burning Man in that there are no spectators, only participants (much less dust, however). People sometimes ask "what can I do to be invited back" and your best bet is to make a (positive) impression by engaging and presenting.


Be Prepared to Demo or Speak


We'll put the program together on Friday evening at about 7:30pm, so if you want to lead a session, sign up for a slot then. Don't worry if you arrive late, there should be enough sessions to go around. We'll have a variety of spaces–conference rooms and open areas. Several of the rooms have projectors, but we could use more, so if you have one to lend, do bring it along. For more information about past Foo Camps, Tim has posted "Why Foo Camp" and there are tips from past campers.



The schedule is still being worked out, though plan on arriving Friday afternoon (4ish) and leaving mid-day Sunday.



Generally people will "camp" at O'Reilly's campus either outside in tents or throughout their offices/cubicles in sleeping bags. http://wiki.oreillynet.com/foocamp07/index.cgi?WhatToBring is a good reference too.



The following companies (beyond O'Reilly donating their awesome campus) are helping to make SG Foo possible.


Rides Needed

  • Joel Longtine (joel at socialthing dot com) from SFO on Friday morning/afternoon
  • Steve Ivy (SMF @ 5:45pm)
  • Stephen Paul Weber (SFO @ 11:00AM)
  • Chris Saad - would love a ride from SF please! Heading in with Eran, Blain etc
  • Ben Smith (BBC) - would also love a ride from SF
  • Leslie Chicoine - would dig a ride from SF, will bring cupcakes on demand
  • Tom Scott - is hoping there's a ride from SF Travelling up with Thomas Huhn
  • Gavin Bell would love a ride from San Francisco on Friday afternoon thanks
  • Matt Biddulph needs a ride to/from SF
  • Scott Kveton needs a ride *back* to SF (or SFO)



Rides Available

  • Brian McCallister: Leaving Friday, time flexible, from Menlo Park (passing SFO)
  • Fred Stutzman: Departing from SFO at 3PMish
  • sgfoo@wuxx.com: Leaving Friday from SJC
  • Thomas Huhn: In SF from Wednesday on, --leaving Friday, time flexible, from hotel near Fisherman's Wharf, have 2 seats
  • Chris Mocko: Palo Alto, anytime! Only ask for good music, food, & convo...
  • Renny Gleeson - I get into SFO at ~1:15PM, I'll have a car with seats for me +3. Can leave anytime between 1:30 and 3 depending on your sched. All I need is someone who knows the f-ing directions. I can also offer rides back to SFO Sunday anytime the car gets filled!
  • dbrodnitz@oreilly.com (Dan) -- leaving Alameda, CA Saturday morn. Could pick up in the east bay. Heading back home that night.
  • Terry Jones (terry@jon.es) - passing through SF (roughly Fremont & Market) at ~2pm. Room for 3. Send mail to arrange details.
  • Don MacAskill (don AT smugmug com) - leaving Mountain View, CA maybe noonish.


Confirmed Campers

Please help to keep the list sorted by name. Your name should link to your profile on the SG Foo Crowdvine. Format is:

name - interests (location [can be "city, state", "city, country", or "city" (for metros), or "latitude,longitude" (decimal degrees)])

(get those coordinates by finding your exact address on google maps then copy and paste this code into the browser bar: javascript:void(prompt('',gApplication.getMap().getCenter())); )



  1. Aaron Newton
  2. Aber Whitcomb
  3. Adam Smith - Xobni, data that's buried in your email, machine learning (San Francisco, CA)
  4. Allen Hurff
  5. Andy Denmark
  6. Ankur Shah
  7. Artur Bergman
  8. Barry Wellman
  9. Ben Smith - OAuth, radically decentralized social software, network as database, utility computing (BBC) (Seattle WA)
  10. Blaine Cook - OAuth, XMPP, Messaging-based architectures (San Francisco, CA)
  11. Brad Fitzpatrick
  12. Brady Forrest
  13. Brian Ellin
  14. Brian McCallister - distributed hackery, inaccurate and partial information, Ning, OpenSocial (Menlo Park, CA)
  15. Brian Oberkirch
  16. Cameron Marlow - Facebook, social media research, influence, diffusion (New York, NY)
  17. Chris Mocko
  18. Chris Saad - Co-founder- Faraday Media, DataPortability.org, APML.org, Media 2.0 Workgroup
  19. Christopher Allen
  20. Christy Canida
  21. Dan Brickley
  22. Dan Brodnitz
  23. Dare Obasanjo
  24. Dave Morin - Facebook Platform, Social Graph, Identity
  25. David Janes - lifestreaming, XMPP, rel-me and xfn, ownership
  26. David Recordon - OpenID, decentralized social networks, Perl (San Francisco, CA)
  27. Deb Schultz
  28. danah boyd (Los Angeles, CA)
  29. Danny Kolke
  30. DeWitt Clinton
  31. Diego Doval
  32. Dirk Olbertz - NoseRub decentralised social networks - Bonn, Germany
  33. Don MacAskill - SmugMug, data portability, interoperability with other sites & apps (Mountain View, CA)
  34. Eran Hammer-Lahav - OAuth, OpenID, discovery, email identifiers, XRDS-Simple, URL normalization (South Orange, NJ)
  35. Eran Sandler - OAuth, OpenID, Federation vs. Centralization (Haifa, Israel 32.8146, 34.987035)
  36. Eric Wilhelm
  37. Evan Prodromou
  38. Eve Phillips
  39. Fred Stutzman - ClaimID, MicroID, research, teaching (Carrboro, NC)
  40. Gavin Bell social networks for scientists , long term identity, OAuth, OpenID, identity consolidation, a paper on identity and provenance (London, UK)
  41. Harrison Tang
  42. Jason Devitt
  43. Jason Herskowitz
  44. Jeremy Keith - hCard, XFN, Social Network Portability, Lifestreams (Brighton, UK) Add to address book
  45. Jesse Robbins - Privacy, Freedom, Enterprise/Banking/Credit Union/Gov/MegaCorp Adoption, Operations, Emergency Management (Seattle, WA)
  46. Joel Longtine (Socialthing!) - Rails, Lifestreams, Graph Portability, Social APIs, FOAF, Microformats (Boulder, CO)
  47. Joseph Smarr - Friends-list portability, online identity consolidation, sync, OpenID, microformats, OAuth (Mountain View, CA)
  48. John McCrea
  49. John Musser
  50. John Panzer
  51. Kellan Elliott-McCrea - OAuth, OpenID, decentralized discovery, casual privacy, fluffy clouds (San Francisco, CA)
  52. Kevin Marks
  53. Kim Cameron
  54. Kirsten Jones
  55. Larry Halff - OAuth, OpenID, Rails, decentralized social networks, social APIs (San Francisco, CA)
  56. Leah Culver
  57. Leslie Chicoine - experience design, ubicomp, kites (San Francisco, CA | (37.78116, -122.39366))
  58. Luke Shepard
  59. Marc Davis
  60. Marc Smith - Directed graph data sets, network visualizations, "hyperties" - mobile devices that sense other people, social roles (Redmond, WA)
  61. Matt Biddulph - OAuth, message-oriented APIs, Rails, locative, small pieces loosely joined (London, UK)
  62. Matt Brezina - Xobni
  63. Matt Tucker
  64. Matthew Rothenberg
  65. Mark Atwood - OAuth, radically decentralized social software, network as database, utility computing (Seattle WA)
  66. Mark Jacobsen
  67. Mark Paschal
  68. Mark Zuckerberg
  69. Michael Curtis
  70. Michael K. Loukides
  71. Mike Wells
  72. Nathan Eagle - relationship inference, large-scale (100+M node) network analysis, mobile phone data, product diffusion (Santa Fe, NM / Boston, MA)
  73. Niall Kennedy - faceted personas, access control, programmability (San Francisco, CA 37.776142,-122.41293)
  74. Paul Buchheit
  75. Paul Lindner - Usability, OpenSocial, AtomPub, XMPP (San Francisco, CA)
  76. Ralph Meijer - XMPP, Publish-Subscribe, Federating Social Networks (Eindhoven, Netherlands)
  77. Renny Gleeson
  78. Richard Kilmer - P2P, identity unification, deep/implicit desktop integration, CSCW, Ruby (Washington DC)
  79. Rob Dolin - social data aggregation, federating SNS's, pub/sub, social search, relevance from social graphs, online activism, respecting privacy (Seattle, WA)
  80. Sara Winge
  81. Scott Kveton - OpenID, OAuth, DiSo, rabble-rousing (Corvallis, OR)
  82. Shelly Farnham
  83. Shreyas Doshi
  84. Stephen Paul Weber - DiSo, microformats, OpenID (Ontario, Canada)
  85. Steve Ganz - microformats, XFN, professional relationship descriptions, social network portability (SNP), Lifestreams (San Jose, CA)
  86. Steve Ivy (redmonk.net)- DiSo, microformats, XFN, OpenID, social network portability (SNP), (Gilbert, AZ) Add to address book
  87. Add to address book Tantek Ă‡elik - microformats, XFN, hCard, social network portability (SNP), identity consolidation, recent SNP preso, WikihCards (San Francisco, CA)
  88. Teresa Nielsen Hayden
  89. Terrell Russell - claimID, MicroID, identity and expertise research (Chapel Hill, NC)
  90. Terry Jones
  91. Thomas Huhn - integrating online social networks into everyday life: lifestrea.ms, data portability, OpenID, OAuth, Microformats, Diso, APML (KTown, Germany)
  92. Tim O'Reilly
  93. Tom Coates
  94. Tom Scott
  95. Tony Stubblebine
  96. Venky Veeraraghavan - Social Networking in the Enterprise, SharePoint, Social Network Portability, Identity and Claims
  97. Warren Sack - public media, social computing (Santa Cruz, CA)
  98. Will Aldrich

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